Grand Bicycle Journeys uni

Jízdní kolo Grand Bicycle Journeys uni je ideální volbou pro všechny, kteří chtějí prozkoumat svět na kole. S kvalitními komponenty a univerzálním designem je to skvělá volba pro výlety do přírody i pro městské projížďky. Objednejte si své Grand Bicycle Journeys uni ještě dnes!
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Grand Bicycle Journeys uni
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Providing independence, a sense of reward and a closeness to nature, cycling offers one of the best modes of exploration. With more people packing their panniers each year, Grand Bikepacking Journeys compiles the most iconic routes that any long distance cyclist aims to complete.
In this follow-up to the hugely successful cyclist-extraordinaire Stefan Amato proposes global must-ride itineraries: the Iditarod across Alaska, the Trans-Pyrenees between France and Spain, the Cross Cape route in South Africa, and many more. Describing the history and geography of each route along with hidden gems, Stefan gives handy tips on planning, equipment, and tackling the unique challenges discovered along the way.
This book will inspire readers of all levels to get on their bike, whilst providing obsessed pedallers with something to aim for too.

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